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Updated: Jun 21, 2019

Ever wonder if you could press the “rewind” button on life? Jesse Atlas challenges us with this concept as we transcend time and space in Record/Play. It is rare that a film can take you on a full emotional journey in a mere 11 minutes, but Atlas manages to do so.

Record/Play is a sci-fi love story between Mustaka Shakir and Deepti Cupta who are separated by distance and time.  We enter Shakir’s world in a studio filled with VHS tapes and cassette tapes labeled with a variety of third-world countries dated from the late 80’s and early 90’s.

Cupta’s voice is the first spoken word of the film. In true sci-fi nature, Shakir mysteriously travels to reach Cupta by means of a Walkman. The condition of his cassette tape from his Walkman is strategically altered, revealing key details of the previous scene.

Shakir’s performance is impeccable. We immediately empathize with his dedication and perseverance to reach Cupta. The use of body language, rather than speech, in the fleeting moments of intimacy between Shakir and Cupta make us yearn for their reunion.

The dark composition throughout the film sets a gritty tone for this tragic plot.

Minimal speech is used, and instead other sound elements lure us into the world of Record/Play – the sound of footsteps, the click of a button, or the sound of a rewinding tape.

The film leaves us pondering about the infinite possibilities we all have in both the past and the future. After watching Record/Play once, you’ll be urged to rewind and replay.

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